Many of us rely on messaging to have some important conversations with others. Does losing or breaking the phone mean to lose all the important data? Certainly not. Android does not offer a native short message backup service. Thankfully, there is an app called Android SMS Transfer that can help us backup all Android short messages to a PC or Mac.

AST Android SMS Transfer is a smart android short message transfer and backup software. It allows us to transfer Android short messages between Android and desktop computer. Using it, we can have a backup copy of important messages in computer for better storage security.

The steps for how to transfer and backup Android short messages are as follows:

Note: Android SMS Backup and Android SMS Transfer for Mac are separately designed for Windows and Mac users. Here we take the Windows version as example. If you need to transfer Android short messages to Mac, download the Mac version to do that.

Step 1: Free download AST Android SMS Backup. Decompress it and you will see two folders: “PC Port” and “Phone Port”. Separately install the app on your PC and Android.

Step 2: Open this Android app on your Android. On the home screen click the “Backup SMS”. Input a name for the backup file in the popup window or just use the default name.

Transfer and Backup Android Short Message

Step 3: Click “Ok”, and your Android short messages will be automatically save to the SD card in .db file. Connect the phone to your computer via USB, and copy Android short messages to PC.

Transfer and Backup Android Short Message

Tips & Suggestions

After successfully transferring Android short messages to computer, this great app allows you freely view, edit, and even print out Android short messages on computer. Just run Android SMS Transfer, and click “File” then “Import” to load the backup .db file into the program, you will see the features that will let you do these things.

Transfer and Backup Android Short Message