More and more Android smartphone users turn to online forums for advice on how to backup SMS to PC. People are now far more concerned about personal data security than ever before. Regularly making a backup of a mobile just like we do on computer is adopted by a growing number of people. Usually text messages are the first things we want to backup when backing up a mobile. A great many of precious messages are stored in the mobile. The most familiar situation is that we get even more confused after immersing in forums for one night. It’s really frustrating. Are there any good solutions to backup messages?

Absolutely we have a better solution recommending to you. Give AST Android SMS transfer a try. It’s a specially optimized program for backing up android SMS. With Android SMS transfer you can backup android SMS effortlessly. Great features such as editing, deleting, printing out SMS on PC can also be done on the software. We specially take the demands of saving SMS permanently into consideration. You can export SMS to CSV file. Now let get a clue on how to do it.

How to backup Android SMS to CSV file with Android SMS transfer?

Backup SMS to mobile SD card

First of all install Android SMS transfer on computer and your Android mobile. Open the SMS transfer on mobile to backup SMS to SD card. To finish this task, just click Backup SMS, your mobile messages will all be backed up in the SD card. As the button suggests you can restore the backup SMS with a slight tap on Restore SMS.

Backup Android SMS to CSV file

Backup SMS to CSV file

Launch Android SMS transfer on computer, at the same time you copy the backup SMS file to computer with a USB cable. Press File to import the backup SMS you would like to manage on PC. When the loading process is finished, the program reads the backup SMS automatically. And now you are able to edit, delete, print out SMS on PC conveniently. For future consideration, you can choose to save the backup SMS to CSV file.

Backup Android SMS to CSV file