There are many great apps on the market to backup Android SMS to computer, if you intent to find a free one to get the job done, you cannot miss SMS Backup+, a free but simple to use phone application to help automatically backup Android SMS to Gmail using a separate label.

To save Android SMS to Gmail account, you need three things: your Android phone, a free copy of SMS Backup+ and a Gmail account. Then you can go with the following tutorial to finish the whole SMS backup process.

1, Go to Google Play Store, login to your Gmail account to download and install SMS Backup+ on your Android phone, launch it and you will see its interface.

2, Tap Connect, a window will pop out and you’ll be promoted to select an account to use to backup Android text messages to Gmail account.


3, Hit the “Backup” icon on the program, you’ll be promoted to start a backup immediately or skip the initial backup. You can start Android backup SMS to Gmail process by clicking the “Backup” button, the backup time will takes one minute to a half hour to complete, it all depends on how many messages you have.


Note: If you hit “Skip”, then all the messages on your phone will be flagged as already backed up and will be ignored.

4, After you backup android text messages to Gmail, login to your Gmail account with a web browser, in the left sidebar, you will see a new “SMS” label under it, click on it, you will be able to see Android backup SMS with great details in the right pane.