AST Android SMS Transfer is a wonderful software for Samsung Galaxy S users. For one thing, you can backup or restore SMS on your Samsung Galaxy S smartphone, for another, you can transfer the SMS backed up in Galaxy S SD card to your computer, and even edit, view or export as txt or csv file. Not only Samsung Galaxy S, but also Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III, Galaxy S III mini, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Nexus Android phones are supported by this smart AST Android SMS Transfer.

Step by step to transfer Galaxy S text messages to computer.

Step 1: Download Android SMS Transfer
Download to your computer, decompress it and you’ll find PC Port and Phone Port folders, which contains AndroidSMSTransfer.exe and AST Android SMS Transfer.apk respectively. The AST Android SMS Transfer.apk is used on your Android phone, while the AndroidSMSTransfer.exe is used on your PC.

Step 2: Backup/restore SMS on Galaxy S
Run AST Android SMS Transfer on your Samsung Galaxy S, click “Backup SMS” to backup your text messages to .db file in the SD card. Click “Restore SMS” to restore SMS from .db file that already backed up to your Galaxy S SD card.

Backup Galaxy S text messages to computer

Step 3: Transfer Galaxy S SMS to PC
Copy your Samsung Galaxy S backup .db file to PC, and open AST Android SMS Transfer on your computer to import the .db file. All your text messages will be displayed in the software, and you can view, print, export or delete the messages.

Backup Galaxy S text messages to computer