In the mobile era, text messages go deep into our daily life with mobile phones. SMS are frequently received and sent. Some are vital ones, we save them on phone. And we hate the experience that we have to delete some precious messages to make room for new SMS. It will be much better if there is a way to backup text messages. Actually backing up text messages gives us more than just saving. It provides a secure data for future records. We can also manage them on computer conveniently when the SMS are backed up. It definitely benefits us a lot. But how to get this job done is still making us confused. Perhaps we should give AST Android SMS transfer a try. It’s a unique program targeted at backing up android messages. And now let’s get a close look on how to backup text messages with AST Android SMS transfer. Here HTC Incredible S is taken as an example.

How to backup HTC Incredible S text messages to PC?

Step One Install AST Android SMS transfer on PC and HTC Incredible S

Get the installer package from its official website, it’s a compressed file. Unzip it, there are two parts, for PC and Android devices. Install AST Android SMS Backup and Restore separately.

Step Two Backup HTC Incredible S text messages in SD card

Go to HTC Incredible S UI, find the program you have installed previously. Touch the icon to launch it. Then tap Backup SMS to get your SMS backed up in the SD card. The process of restoring is as simple as the process of backing up.

Backup HTC Incredible S text messages

Step Three Manage HTC Incredible S text messages on PC

Connect your HTC Incredible S with PC with a data cable and copy the backup SMS to PC. Open AST Android SMS transfer on computer, then click File button to add the backup SMS into program. AST Android SMS can read the messages automatically, and now you are rendered the access to edit, delete, export, print out SMS on PC conveniently.

backup HTC Incredible S text messages