“Hello. I have a HTC One V and came across with a strange error while downloading app from Google Play. It said “Insufficient storage available” while I had over 6GB of free space. I rebooted my device, cleared Google Play’s cache but none of that worked. Does anyone have any suggestions?”

Well, insufficient storage available error on Android is a widespread problem among Android users. It mostly occurs whenever an Android user is about to install some apps. Android devices that have been rooted are more likely to give this error, especially when downloading, installing, and testing apps. Below are two methods to fix insufficient storage available error on Android devices.

Fix Insufficient Storage Available Error on Android

Note: For Android insufficient storage available error fix, you should differentiate between the real message and the bug. Note that the real message only occurs when storage is below 15MB. The two methods here are to fix the bug.

Method 1: Use the Lucky Patcher

The Lucky Patcher App is a way to fix insufficient storage available error on Android phones. Download the Lucky Patcher app into your device. Place it into your SD card and install the Lucky Patcher using any file manage you prefer. Run it and then press mnu key and go to the troubleshooting. Choose Remove fixes and backups, and finally you reboot your device to fix insufficient storage available error.

Method 2: Delete the ODEX File

Sometimes the insufficient space error might occur because of the .odex files. To solve this issue, first uninstall previous version of the app. Then use root or file explorer to access your Android’s internal storage or SD card. Open “Data” then “app” folder, browser and select the respective .odex file of the app you are trying to install/update. Then reinstall/update the app via Google Play store.