Information fills our life. By sending and receiving SMS, we keep informed of each other. But how to deal with the increasing SMS is more and more becoming an annoying problem for us. We try to find solutions to cease it. I don’t know what you are going through, but I have to be honest to tell you that I spent my weekend looking for a reliable method to backup my Sony Xperia S SMS. Finally my effort was paid back. Now I want to share with you my great discoveries.

1. Dive into your Android mobile, just use the embodied function. To finish the task, you just need a Google account, all your messages will be backed up in Google’s servers. One thing I have to remind you is your data fee may rise a little if you take this method.

2. Go to the official website of your mobile. Almost every mobile manufacturer offers a solution to backup and restore SMS, for example Sony has PC Companion for the Sony Xperia phones, Samsung has Samsung KIES for the Samsung phone. Just do as the instructions show you, your SMS will be backed up. But as you know, all the officially offered software bares a common flaw: not personalized to use.

3. Obtain a specially designed software for Android mobiles. I tried both methods above and finally decided to install software on both my phone and computer. After testing several different software packages, I choose AST Android SMS transfer. It’s a fabulous small tool just like the engineers developed for my Xperia S. It also gives us the access to manage SMS on PC. Only a small part of mobile RAM is taken up by AST Android SMS transfer, so there is no worry about the smooth running of your handset. Before I started this little help article, I was intended to give you some guides on how to use the AST Android SMS transfer. But when I paid a visit to its website again, I changed my mind and have to end this article now, because they give a detailed explanation on how to use it for almost every problem we might encounter.

Backup and restore Sony Xperia S SMS