Export Android text messages to .db file on computer for backup with AST Android SMS Transfer, and now want to restore SMS back to your Android phone or even to a new Android? Still, AST Android SMS Transfer comes to your assistance. This app will help you restore SMS to Android from .db file on computer with ease. Let’s see how it works:

Step 1: Connect Android Phone to Computer
To restore SMS to Android from computer, you need to connect your Android phone to computer first. You can make the connection via USB cable. An USB icon will appear in the notification area. Just drag the notifications bar down and click “Turn on USB Storage”

Restore SMS to Android Phone

Step 2: Transfer DB File to Android SD Card
After connecting Android to computer, the micro-SD card in your Android phone will be recognized and listed as a Removable disk. Just copy and transfer the SMS .db file from computer to your Android phone. You can save the file in any folder of Android’s micro-SD card.

Step 3: Restore SMS to Android from Computer
Run AST Android SMS Transfer on your Android. Click “Restore SMS”. Choose the SMS .db file stored in your Android phone and click “OK”. After restoring, a popup window will show you “SMS restored successfully”. Then you will see the text messages in your Android mailbox.

Restore SMS to Android Phone

Android SMS restore can be easily done with AST Android SMS Backup. Don’t hesitate to get one right now.