LG Optimus G is a great Android phone, it enables you to multitask across business and entertainment smoothly. It provides huge convenience to us. Powerful as it is, LG Optimus G also brings some troublesome problems. It’s common that we text with our friends frequently. So many short messages have been saved on our phones. But the LG Optimus G doesn’t provide enough storage. Thus we have to delete some important SMS with pain. Now thanks to the AST Android SMS Backup Tool, we can get out of the sufferings. Here below are some tips for you to manage SMS with AST Android SMS transfer on computer.

Step1. Backup LG Optimus G SMS in SD card
Launch AST Android SMS transfer on your mobile, an interface will come up. Click the first option Backup SMS, and then the LG Optimus G SMS will be backed up in .db format in your phone.

Step2. Transfer SMS to computer
To get start, connect your LG Optimus G with PC first, find the SmsBackup file in the SD card and copy it to PC.
Now launch the AST SMS transfer on PC. Click File on the main menu to import the backup SMS .db files.
When importing finished, the SMS will automatically display on AST SMS Android transfer.

Step3. Manage SMS on computer
AST SMS Android transfer has two modes, view mode and edit mode. In both modes, printing, exporting and deleting are available. In edit mode you have access to edit a certain text by double clicking the SMS.

Verdict: AST SMS Android transfer is a really wonderful software for someone who wants to manage his SMS. AST SMS Android transfer is an Android platform software, not only LG Optimus G can run it, all the LG Android mobiles can get this widget, such as GOOGLE NEXUS 4, LG OPTIMUS 4X HD, LG SPECTRUM 2, LG NITRO HD, LG PRADA 3.0, LG VENICE, LG SPLENDOR and so on.