A convenient way to transfer Motorola Photon 4G SMS to PC.

Android devices are seen everywhere, indeed they are bringing in a lot of convenience to our daily life. And a growing number of Android users find it’s necessary to transfer SMS to PC. But simultaneously how to get the job done is still bothering us. What we are looking is a simple way to backup SMS that no deep technology background is required. We just want to transfer the precious SMS to PC and manage them on a big screen easily. Thanks to AST Android SMS transfer, it provides all the functions we are demanding. With its powerful functions and easy operation, we can backup and restore SMS without effort. It also gives us the priority to manage SMS on PC. Now let’s give it a short look on how to transfer SMS to PC with AST Android SMS Backup. We take Motorola Photon 4G as an example to explain the process to you.

>>> Backup SMS in Motorola Photon 4G

To backup Motorola Photon 4G SMS, we need have AST Android SMS transfer installed in the Android device. It’s just as simple as you install other applications, do as indications, the backup tool will appear in the mobile UI soon. Launch it, then the main menu appears, just click the first button to backup SMS. Almost at once the backup SMS file are already in SD card. To restore the backup SMS, just click Restore SMS.

Transfer Motorola Photon 4G SMS to PC

>>>Transfer Motorola Photon 4G SMS to PC

To get this step done, you are also required to install AST Android SMS transfer on PC first. After installation finishes, connect Motorola Photon 4G to your computer. The next you go to SD card, copy the backup file to PC. Click File on the panel to load the backup SMS you just copied. AST Android SMS transfer can read the file instantly. As now you get the access to view, edit, delete, print out and export SMS on PC easily. To activate editing, simply double click the selected text.

Transfer Motorola Photon 4G SMS to PC