As advertised, Samsung equips Galaxy S3 with excellent camera. It responds fast and has zero shutter lag. The advanced 8 MP camera enables you to capture all the breathtaking landscapes. No regret will come to you when travel around. Surely there must be a bunch of pictures in your Galaxy S3, you want to transfer them to computer to view on a big screen or just post on bloggers.

It is the fact that we are accustomed to using a computer. It seems much easier for us to view pictures on PC or update our bloggers with a mouse and keyboard. Pictures on computer display better than on a portable device. Even more transferring pictures to PC gives us the option to embellish some pictures with photoshop. To start our work on PC, the first thing we need to do is copy the pictures on GS3 to computer. With a USB cable that comes with the phone, all will be done in minutes. Here is how to do it.

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1. Connect the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the computer using the USB cable.
2. Slide down the Notifications panel at the top of screen.
3. Tap to turn on USB storage on the handset.

Transfer pictures from Samsung Galaxy S3 to computer

When it is successfully connected, you can see portable devices GT-I9300 appears on your computer under Computer/My Computer. Double click the device to open it. Among the layout folders you should see a folder with the name of DCIM. Go into it, all the pictures display to you. Now you can transfer pictures to PC easily by simply dragging and dropping them to any folder on your computer.


Alternatively, you can download Android Photo Transfer from the download icon above to help you transfer Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6/Note 2/Note 3/Note 4 pictures to PC after the device is connected to computer.

Step1: Run this App and Load Pictures from Galaxy S3
After you run it on your computer, click “Backup You Phone Check Device” to detect your S3/S4/S5/S6/Note 2/Note 3/Note 4. When your phone is detected, choose “Photos” you want to transfer.

Transfer pictures from Samsung Galaxy S3 to Computer

Step2: Transfer Samsung Galaxy S3 Pictures to Computer
Click “Backup Now” to save all the photos to the destination folder on your PC.

Tips: You can backup Samsung Galaxy S3 SMS to PC with Android SMS Backup program.