All the Samsung users know that Samsung provides a software called Samsung Kies to help manage mobile content on PC. We can transfer almost all the stuff to a computer. It’s really great. But not all the customers know exactly how to use the Samsung Kies. Today we will try to figure out how to perform it with Samsung Kies. As far as I know, many people have a lot of text messages stored on their mobile because of frequently texting to each other. And also given the fact that Android mobiles are popular all over the world, we will focus on how to transfer text messages from Android phone to PC with Samsung Kies in the following simple tutorial.

How to transfer Samsung Android SMS to PC with Samsung Kies?

To begin the task, you should install Samsung Kies on your computer first. No more word to talk, even you’re not a computer geek, it’s not difficult to do. Just follow the instructions as the screen indicates.

Connect your Android mobile to computer via the supplied USB cable. Then your mobile should remind you to turn on USB storage as the screenshot says.

Transfer Samsung Android SMS to PC with Samsung Kies

After that, launch Samsung Kies on PC, the Samsung Kies will detect your Android mobile automatically. It will take a few minutes to recognize your mobile. The time may vary with your computer. Once Kies recognizes the device, click Import/Export.

Transfer Samsung Android SMS to PC with Samsung Kies

In this section you can Import/Export Contacts, To Do, Schedule, Message, Memos, Photos, Music and Videos. Here we only export message to PC. Click Export to initiate the transferring process. In a short time, your messages will have been transferred in .sme format.

We can only open the .sme file in Samsung Kies, no other software can open it. It is not convenient to manage on PC. At last when I go to an android forum, I find an application called AST Android SMS transfer. It does more than just transferring SMS to PC, on Android SMS transfer you get access to edit, delete, print out them. The advantage is that you can export SMS in .txt, which is familiar to us and easy to open with another program. Maybe you can give it a try.