“Hey Guys, I have a Galaxy S3 connected to a WiFi network. I can not remember the password and now need to share it with my friend. How to retrieve WiFi password from Android? I know I can do it if the device is rooted. Is there any other way to recover WiFi password on Android without Root?”

At times we may need to share the WiFi password on our Android phone or tablet to others, but forget the saved password. Don’t feel annoyed. The following tutorial will show you how to recover WiFi password on Android that has previously connected to the network.

Note: Before process Android WiFi Password Recovery, you need make sure that your Android phone is rooted.

Step 1: Find the file explorer made available on your Android device, for example, the Root Explorer or OI File Manager.

Step 2: Using the file explorer and navigate to the /data/wifi directory or /data/misc/wifi depend on your Android device.

Step 3: Find a file named bcm_supp.conf or wpa_suppliciant.conf and tap on it. Open the .conf file with a text editor like the RB Text Editor.

Recover WiFi Password on Android

Step 4: View the file, you will find the data that is intended about different networks and the password to these networks.

Recover WiFi Password on Android

That’s the whole process on how to recover WiFi password on Android smartphone or tablet. Also, it is easy to transfer Android SMS to PC. Android users, especially those who text a lot, may face the problem of unexpected messages loss. Using a third-party tool like AST Android SMS Transfer will help you easily backup import messages to PC for safety storage.