Samsung Galaxy Y is designed for young mobile users who want to stay in touch and connected on the move. The Y stands for “young”, and means an affordable handset for teens or emerging markets in the sub-$180 price bracket. It’s very small, easily cupped in hands and won’t take up much room in the schoolbag.

Galaxy Y looks like a compact and more rounded version of the Samsung Galaxy S2. It has a simple, clean but stylish look, with an uncluttered face and smoothly curved sides and back. It runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread, skinned with Samsung’s Touch-wiz software, which serves up as many as seven home screens to fill with apps and widgets.

Samsung Galaxy Y SMS Transfer – backup Galaxy Y SMS to PC/Mac

Why choose Samsung Galaxy Y?
Easy-to-use, modern, useful
Samsung Galaxy Y is easy to use, which does everything that you want. You can make calls, send texts, surf the internet, read emails, take photos, download apps, enjoy musics, etc.

Great Collaboration, Cheap yet Great 
Samsung Galaxy Y is awesome but not expensive. Perform great and display clear. Its features and functions are cool enough for a student who have unlimited demands but can’t afford high price.

Samsung Galaxy Y SMS Transfer – Backup Galaxy Y SMS to PC/Mac With Ease

Samsung Galaxy Y SMS Transfer would be a great helper if you have tons of messages and need to backup SMS on Samsung Galaxy Y to PC. Within a few clicks, you can backup SMS to SD card and then transfer Galaxy Y text messages to computer for saving, viewing and editing.

First, you can backup the messages to Galaxy Y SD card with a .db file extension. Then, copy the .db file to your PC, and use Android SMS Transfer to open the messages, or edit them. Moreover, the smart Android SMS Transfer is able to export your Galaxy Y SMS into TXT or CSV file format, which is convenient to search your important information that are stored in your text messages.

Samsung Galaxy Y SMS Transfer – backup Galaxy Y SMS to PC/Mac

Note: Android SMS Transfer for Mac is also available. If you are using a Mac and want to save Galaxy Y SMS to Mac, Samsung Galaxy Y Text Message Backup will also meet your demands.