Samsung announced the Galaxy S4 smartphone on Thursday in New York City. This is the fouth update of the electronic giant’s flagship smartphone, which further positions the company as Apple’s biggest competitor. Now let’s take a deep drive into this much-anticipated smartphone.

Samsung announced the Galaxy S4 smartphone

Improved Hardware: Samsung Galaxy S4 is super thin and light, with a 7.9-millimeter thick body, weights 130 grams and a larger 5-inch screen, which is much crisper, with a 1080p, super AMOLED panel.

Focus on Camera: Another standard feature of Samsung Galaxy S IV is the 13-megapixel camera, which will take crisper and better low-light shots.

Smart Scroll and Pause: Samsung Galaxy S4 features smart scroll and pause, which does detect when a user’s face which watching a video and pauses play when then a person looks away.

Slimmer, 5-inch display, and smart scroll. Samsung Galaxy S IV will go on sale in April. In this article, we’d like to recommend a great app for this amazing Android smartphone – Android SMS Backup. It enables you to transfer and backup Samsung Galaxy S4 SMS to computer with ease. This Samsung Galaxy S IV SMS Transfer is definitely need if you want to avoid unwanted messages losing.

Now let’s see how this Android app works to transfer Samsung Galaxy S4 SMS to PC. If you need to backup Samsung Galaxy S IV SMS to Mac, please get Android SMS Transfer for Mac to do the transfer.

Step 1: Download AST Android SMS Transfer

Free download AST Android SMS Transfer. Decompress it, you will see two folders: “PC Port” and “Phone Port”. Install the program separately in your PC and Samsung Galaxy S4.

Step 2: Backup SMS in Samsung Galaxy S IV
Run this Android app in Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. Click “Backup SMS” to backup Samsung Galaxy S4 SMS. The text messages will be saved to microSD card in .db file.

Transfer SMS from New Samsung Galaxy S4 to PC

Step 3: Transfer SMS from Samsung Galaxy S4 to PC
Connect Samsung Galaxy S IV to your PC via USB cable or other possible ways. Copy and transfer the .db file to your PC. Now the Samsung Galaxy S4 SMS messages are saved to PC successfully.

This Samsung Galaxy S4 SMS Backup enables you to manage the text messages on computer. Run the app on your PC. Click “File” then “Import” to load the .db file to the program. Then you can easily view, edit, or print out the Samsung Galaxy S IV SMS in amazing tread mode.