Hello, I have some important messages on my Samsung galaxy s6, I want to export and print them out. I tried many methods but failed, how can I do that to transfer my text messages to my computer? Please help! Kaou

After getting a new galaxy s6 or s6 edge, you may wish to regularly backup/transfer important text messages from your s6 to computer for better-keeping. Samsung Smart Switch may be the first option you have considered, however, it doesn’t allow you directly view and copy the text messages from Samsung Galaxy S6 on computer. To get the job done, Jihosoft Android SMS transfer is recommended to save, export, backup and transfer SMS from galaxy S6/S6 edge to PC/Mac.

 Galaxy S6/S6 edge Text Messages Transfer

Overview of Jihosoft Android SMS Transfer

Android SMS Transfer perfectly does well in transferring text messages from Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge to computer. It is very convenient to manage, view, edit, export, restore and transfer Samsung galaxy S6 SMS on your PC or Mac. You can choose to export SMS to csv, txt, or html files according to your need. Besides, it enables you to print out messages in amazing threading mode.

What You will Need:

– Computer(PC/Mac).
PC: Windows2000, 2003, XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
Mac: Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard
– USB Cable.
– Jihosoft Android SMS Transfer
– Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge

Well, after you downloaded and installed SMS Transfer program on your computer, let’s get started to transfer and backup Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge SMS messages with this program.

– Connect galaxy S6/S6 edge to your PC/Mac, then launch Android SMS Transfer.
– Tap “Backup Your Phone” button on the left panel.
– Mark the“Text Messages” on the middle panel. After the software deleted your phone(note: you need enable USB debugging on galaxy phone to let the program access), then click “Backup Now”.
– Save the backup files anywhere on your PC/Mac.
– That’s it, You can check the messages on your computer at any time .

Transfer Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge SMS messages  to PC

Alternative Option to Transfer Galaxy S6/S6 Edge SMS

If you intent to get a free application to backup Samsung Galaxy S6 SMS messages to Gmail, then SMS Backup + is the one you cannot miss. It allows you to save android SMS to Gmail account in a few steps(for detailed guide, you can refer to the article: How to Backup Android Text Messages to Gmail). After you successfully backed up the text messages with SMS Backup+, a new “SMS” label will be displayed once you login to your Gmail.

Alternative Option to Transfer Galaxy S6/S6 Edge SMS