When moving from an iPhone to Android phone, transferring text messages from iPhone to Android will require more trick and time than transferring other data files. The reason is that the SQLite database that stores SMS on iOS is set up in a manner that Google’s smartphone platform cannot read it at all. Therefore, to transfer SMS from iPhone to Android, you will first have to extract the iPhone SMS database file, convert it to an Android-friendly format and then restore them to the Android phone.

Extract iPhone SMS file

You can use iTunes to extract iPhone SMS database file. Open iTunes and connect your iPhone to computer using the included USB cable. In the left-hand column, right click your iPhone under device and select “Backup”, and the backup files will be stored in the following places on your computer:
Windows users: C://[Users]/[Username]/AppData/Roaming/Apple Computer/Mobile Sync
Mac users: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/
You will see folders with random characters, open the one with the most recent timestamp. After locating the file, transfer it to your Android phone Internal Storage SD card.

Transfer iPhone Text Messages to Android

Convert iPhone SMS database file to Android format

To convert iPhone SMS file to Android format, you can use iSMS2droid, a free app which helps convert iPhone SMS database file to XML file that can be easily imported to Android phone.
Launch iSMS2droid on your Android phone and hit “Start SMS Backup & Restore” to locate and choose the iPhone SMS file you want to convert, you can choose to load specific messages or all of them. Then conversion will then start.

Transfer iPhone Text Messages to Android

Restore iPhone SMS to Android phone

Download the free application SMS Backup & Restore, launch it on your Android phone. Hit “Restore” and select the converted XML file to restore message, you can choose to restore all messages or only restore messages from a particular date. Then hit “OK” to start restoring process.
When the restoring process is over, you will see the number of successful messages restored, as well as those that can not be restored. Open your Android Inbox, you will find all your iPhone SMS restore to your Android phone.

Transfer iPhone Text Messages to Android

Want to backup all the important text messages on your Android phone to computer to prevent them from losing, you can download Android SMS Transfer to backup Android SMS to .db file for transferring and saving on computer.