Hi, I have a video on my phone and need to send to other people. However, the file is too big to email from the phone. How do I get the video off my Android phone and onto my computer. Any help is appreciated. – asked by Jack Smith
Currently people like to shoot funny videos with their Android smartphones in daily life. And many of them have the need to export these recorded videos from Android phones to computer for viewing, editing or sharing. Is it possible to transfer video from Android to computer. Absolutely the answer is yes. Here we’d like to share the detailed steps to transfer video from Android to PC:

Step 1: Connect your Android to your PC using the USB cable comes with your smartphone.

Step 2: When the Android phone is connected as USB storage, you will receive a notification. Go to the “Notifications Bar” on your Android’s screen and choose “USB Connected”.

Step 3: Touch the “Turn on USB Storage” on the Notification Bar to transfer videos from Android phone to computer.

Transfer Videos from Android to Computer

Step 4: Open your Android’s storage drive on your computer. Drag the video file you want to transfer from your Android phone to PC. Save it in the target folder on your PC.

Step 5: When Android video transfer is complete, go back to the “Notifications Bar”, lightly drag down and touch the “Turn Off USB Storage”.

Look, transferring videos from Android smartphone to computer can be done easily. Besides, if you love to text with Android phone everyday, you can also save text messages to computer. Saving Android text messages to a PC is extremely easy with AST Android SMS Transfer. This app will help you copy and transfer Android SMS to PC in three simple steps:

Step 1: Download and install Android SMS Transfer on your Android phone and PC separately.

Step 2: Run the app on your Android, and click “Backup SMS”. Your Android SMS will be saved to SD card in .db file.

Step 3: Connect your Android phone to PC via USB cable. Then copy the text messages (.db file) to target folder on your PC.